GWG Blog Amanda MacGregor
Why a risk specialist should be your next hire
December 10, 2020

Strong management and sound decision-making are critical to good organisational outcomes; but how can boards, executives and senior managers pursue these…

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How to spot (and secure) a unicorn candidate
How to spot (and secure) a unicorn candidate
December 9, 2020

Hiring the right people is critical to building a strong and stable workforce. But is there such a thing as the…

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GWG Blog Georgia Carniel and Jennifer Maverick environmental engineering
Local environmental engineers are problem solving for a better planet
November 24, 2020

Environmental engineers have played a key role in solving some of civilisation’s greatest challenges – from the provision of clean water…

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GWG Blog Remote Onboarding with Julie Gearie
6 easy steps to successful remote onboarding
October 20, 2020

Not so long ago it was unthinkable to hire somebody without meeting them in person. But like many things in 2020,…

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GWG Blog Adele Cashion ConnectAbility
Calm, consistent and caring: 5 lessons on managing through crisis from ConnectAbility
October 12, 2020

ConnectAbility Australia provides services for senior Australians and people with disability. So how does an organisation that cares for the wellbeing…

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GWG Blog Lucinda Mansour
From customer to customer-experience: how Lucinda Mansour came full-circle to shape experiences at GWG
October 8, 2020

Have you ever recommended a brand to a friend because you knew you could rely on them? Are there websites you…

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GWG Blog: Newcastle Salary Guide
Introducing the GWG Salary Guide for Newcastle 2020
October 5, 2020

Whether you’re hiring new staff, seeking a career change, or preparing to negotiate your salary, it’s more important now than ever…

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GWG Blog Job Creating Projects
The Hunter’s Largest Job Creating Projects
September 15, 2020

Despite the significant challenges we have faced this year, the construction and infrastructure pipeline in Newcastle and the Hunter Region continues…

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GWG Blog; HR leadership Felicity Laczina, Chief People and Culture Officer
Why strong HR leadership is your key to thriving beyond COVID-19
August 25, 2020

HR leaders have been central in keeping workforces safe, engaged, productive and resilient in this extraordinary time. As we shift from…

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GWG Blog : Interview Masterclass
How to Ace Your Next Job Interview – with Alissa Bower
August 25, 2020

Job interview tips are always among our most popular topics at GWG. And with a lot of people jobseeking at the…

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