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There’s a few simple things you can do to make sure you don’t miss out on a great new job. By keeping your records up-to-date, looking in the right places and actively putting yourself out there, you can make sure an awesome opportunity doesn’t slip through your finger. Here’s a few quick tips.

1. Don’t just sit there, give em a call!

One of the best ways to increase your chances of getting the role you want is to call up! If you see a job you’re interested in, be brave and contact the organisation or recruiter listed and introduce yourself. Prepare a few questions in advance so you can show your intelligence and demonstrate a genuine interest. It’s a great way to start to develop a relationship and stand out from other candidates. You’ll be surprised how much doing just this one thing improves your chances of getting on the shortlist. 

2. Make your resume simple and easy to read

Employers and recruiters are time poor just like the rest of us. This means you need to keep your resume clear and simple to avoid being put on the ‘no’ pile. Readability is key, this means staying away from fancy tables, unusual fonts, underling and icons. Develop your resume in Word as it is compatible with almost all systems and is unlikely to corrupt. If you want to use PDF then send both a Word version and PDF.

3. Save your resume in Dropbox so you don’t lose it

Quality roles are filled quickly so time is of the essence when applying for a job. But often when the time comes, simply finding your resume can be a challenge, especially if you haven’t updated it for a few years. To avoid this problem I’d suggest saving your resume in Dropbox. It’s worth drafting a few versions, targeted towards each type of role you’re searching for and saving them in one place. You can set up a free Dropbox account in minutes and have peace of mind knowing your resume is on hand when you want to apply for your next job.

4. Register with Seek

I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that Seek is still one of the most popular job boards out there. Most people check Seek when they are looking for a job but you need to go one step further to make sure you don’t miss a great opportunity. By registering with Seek you can set up email alerts, delivering the latest jobs to your inbox daily. Create multiple alerts for different roles and locations. You can also upload your resume so prospective employers can view it when they post a job ad that matches your skill set. For more in-depth tips on Seek, view our recent blog post.

 5. Update your LinkedIn profile and let employers know you’re looking

When looking for a suitable candidate for a job, it’s no secret that recruiters and employers use LinkedIn to directly target professionals, often in place of using advertising. To make sure you’re in the mix you need to keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date with your latest experience, education and career achievements. There’s a button in the career interest section, under the ‘Jobs’ tab called ‘let recruiters know you’re open’ – turn this on and LinkedIn will advise recruiters and employers that you’re looking for the next 90 days. LinkedIn also actively sends you jobs that match your experience, hence the need to keep your skills current.

6. Search industry specific job boards

There’s new job sites popping up every week and it’s almost impossible to search them all. Sites like Indeed and Adzuna are great because they bring together jobs from lots of other job boards. To ensure you are in the know about great roles in your profession make sure you do some Google research and find out the job boards that target your industry. For example, visit if you work for the Government or are looking to move into this sector.

So, if you want to find your ideal job, don’t sit around waiting, get prepared, be brave and make it happen. Good luck with your journey. 

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