Luke Russell

Q&A – Luke Russell, Head of Business Technology at Samaritans

While Samaritans work hard to support our communities, behind the scenes one man and his team are on a mission to…

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Employment Market Update

The good news is that the job market is still very strong, the majority of jobs are full-time roles, and New…

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Construction projects that will change Newcastle

Anyone who’s visited Newcastle and its surrounding areas recently will know that we’re in the midst of a development boom. There’s…

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How to use LinkedIn network to land your next job!

Most people are on LinkedIn these days (and if you’re not, we recommend you sign up!). But many job-seekers aren’t aware…

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5 Impressive Engineering Projects right here in Newcastle

There is plenty of construction work happening in Newcastle right now, and while the road closures and detours can cause disruption,…

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Why enabling employees to work from home is smart business

Over the last 12 months, we have seen an explosion of employers offering remote working opportunities for their employees. Letting employees…

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questions to ask during a job interview

5 questions to ask at your next job interview that will make you stand out

When most people prepare for a job interview, they focus only on the questions the interviewers might ask them. But I’ll…

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The coolest technology jobs in Newcastle for 2018

If you are looking for an innovative technology role, you might think you need to relocate to one of Australia’s capital…

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gwg recruitment Newcastle nsw

4 must-do preparation steps before any job interview

It’s natural to feel nervous before a job interview. But if you undertake the right kind of preparation, you’ll have a…

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gwg partners

A small team delivering big for the University of Newcastle

With its pristine beaches, café lifestyle and amazing work life balance Newcastle is clearly a pretty sweet spot to live and…

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