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How to have a successful marketing career in Newcastle

By Charmaine Piper | Senior Consultant

Marketing’s a competitive industry in Newcastle, as I’m sure you are aware. With competition from tech savvy new grads and experienced ex-Novocastrians looking to move back, it can be hard for local marketers to stand out. But there’s some easy ways you can raise your profile and ensure a path to success – here’s how:

Upskill in digital marketing

In Newcastle, like most other areas, we’re seeing a decline in traditional marketing roles and more positions focusing on digital marketing. Professionals with data analytics, content marketing, SEO or social media marketing skills are in hot demand. Although you don’t need to be an expert in all these areas, choosing one or two specialisations will make you much more attractive to prospective employers. Sites like Lynda, Moz and the Content Marketing Institute, offer loads of free training and educational material, making it easy for you to upskill.

Explore opportunities within your current role

One great way to progress your career is to seek opportunities within your current company. Speak with your manager about development opportunities and look for ways you can get experience in areas you want to learn. For example, if you’re interested in SEO or UX design you could team up with a web expert on a few website updates or work with the agency responsible for developing your landing pages. Employers are impressed by professionals who show initiative and motivation to learn new skills and you will increase your chances of getting that next promotion.

Networking is key

It’s important to network for a few reasons. One, marketers often get a job through their professional network and two, employers look favourably on people who are personally recommended. Newcastle is still a relatively small place so raising your profile and growing your network isn’t too difficult. I’d recommend you attend as many events as you can. Check out Hunter Headline’s event listing for upcoming functions and keep an eye out on LinkedIn and Facebook for regular catch ups around Newcastle with other marketing professionals. Be brave and speak to people that you don’t already know. Make sure you get their contact details and connect with them following the event. If you’re not a big fan of events you can also reach out directly through social media or via email or phone.

Build your personal brand

Another way to further your career and make yourself known to local organisations is to develop your personal brand. I’d suggest revisiting your social profiles and looking for ways you can strengthen them. Find someone who has done their profiles well and copy them, or see how they are doing it. You should add your latest training, update your profile photo (if it needs a refresh) and add new connections. Sharing articles to show thought leadership in your industry is another great way to raise your profile. You could also set up your own blog based on your interests, or to share the skills you’ve learnt in your job etc. Employers regularly use social media and digital assets to assist with their recruitment process so it is important stand out from others.

Finding a mentor

I share the common belief that if you surround yourself with successful people you’re more likely to be successful yourself. In Newcastle marketing teams are often smaller, or you may be the only one! So, it’s important to find someone that you can look to for inspiration or to learn from. This could be someone within your organisation or a local business person that you can gain motivation from. Most people are very happy to help or offer advice and you will find it’s a great source of motivation.

While I suspect you’ve already been doing some of the above, I hope this advice can help you to continue to build your marketing career here in Newcastle. If we haven’t met I’d love to hear from you so give me a shout on 4905 0138, email or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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