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4 tips for attracting skilled software developers

Struggling to attract talented software developers, programmers or software engineers? These professionals are in demand in nearly every industry, as technology becomes more and more ingrained in every aspect of daily life.

Given this, employers need to hone in on their attraction strategies, employee value proposition and hiring process to ensure they can attract talented software developers to their organisations or start-ups.

We sat down with one of our Technology Consultants, Aliza Huff to discuss a few simple things employers can do to increase applications and enhance their recruitment processes.

1. Get your Tech people involved in the ad writing process

Your current engineers and software developers should be involved in the process of writing the ads to help with authenticity and accuracy. When non-tech people write ads, there is the potential for the wrong lingo and skills to be listed.

This will be clearly obvious to experienced developers, who will pick up on small inconstancies or incorrect terminology.

2. Highlight flexibility and other benefits of the role

In this post-Covid era, there is a high expectation for flexibility and work from home arrangements, especially for software development, programmer and software engineer positions.

Although it’s not possible for all organisations, promoting flexibility around start or finish times, working from home arrangements, parental leave or other benefits will help ensure you have a higher hit rate on your job ad.

You can also discuss your policies on WFH and flexibility in the interview, to further reinforce your organisations stance and culture.

3. Offer a competitive salary

It’s obvious we know, but offering a completive salary, and including it in your job ad will go a long way in attracting experienced and talented developers.

These professionals are in high demand, and are almost certainly receiving multiple offers at the same time. Although salary won’t be the only consideration, it is likely one of the top attractors when comparing roles and accepting an offer.

4. Employ a candidate-centric interview process

A traditional interview, where the interviewer asks most of the questions or where the vibe is overly formal, is likely to put software developers off.

Instead provide ample opportunity for your interviewee to ask questions, get a feel for your organisation’s culture and understand more about the role. The interview should very much feel like it is a two-way conversation and not a formal interview process.

The opportunity to talk with other tech people puts many engineers and developers at ease, so it’s a good idea to include your current tech professionals in the interview process, where possible.

If you’re looking for a technology professional to take your organisation to the next level or seeking a new position, reach out to Alisa Huff today on 0423 837 329 or email [email protected]

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