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Engineering firms, government organisations and consultancies in the Hunter region are experiencing a strong growth phase, which is great news for both employers and employees. With the rising trend for contract employment across all industries, including engineering, now is a great time to consider contract work.

GWG examines this growing employment trend and gives you seven of the best reasons why you should consider contract work for 2018 and beyond.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that up to 20% of the workforce is now engaged in non-standard work arrangements with professionals operating as independent contractors or consultants among the fastest growing group. (Source: The Association of Professional Engineers)

The trend towards contract employment is happening across all industries. Negative misconceptions around job security and time limitations are changing fast as more companies look to hire contractors, and job seekers opt to source contract positions which can be extended or often transition to permanent opportunities.

The sorts of contractor positions currently being advertised within the field of engineering are varied and offered by organisations ranging from global to local companies.

Roles include:

  • Project Engineers
  • Site Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Planning Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Drafting
  • Contracts Administrators
  • Estimators.

The benefits of hiring contractors for companies are clear; the company can ‘try before they buy’ and see employees in action before they invest time and money in training and career development, the hiring process is much faster and less in-depth, their costs are reduced and they can scale up or down to suit demand.

For engineering employees, the benefits are also many. Here are the top seven reasons to consider contract employment for your next role.

  1. Flexibility. Depending on the role, contractors can set their own hours and days as well as choosing a location, such as working remotely from home.
  2. More roles available. With the increase in demand for contractors, there are many more options out there to apply for and experience.
  3. Earn more money. Contractors are often paid by the hour and so the amount will be more. Remember to take into account however you will be responsible for organising your own tax and finances.
  4. Trial different sectors. Learn about different sectors by contracting for short periods to see what sector you prefer and which is best suited to you before committing. Many companies trial employees by hiring them as contractors first, so a permanent job could still be on the cards.
  5. Shorter interview process. Contractors do not need to go through such a rigorous or demanding interview process and can therefore start work much quicker and without as much stress.
  6. Diversify your work experience. Shorter contracts mean you can bullet proof your career by having experience in a number of different areas rather than just specialising in one area only.
  7. Foot in the door. A great way to get inside a large or specific organisation you really want for your career

Working with a recruitment agency is the great solution to ensure you enjoy all the benefits of being a contractor, with the support of an agency behind you. Agencies can provide you with the appropriate insurance, PPE and administrative paperwork, they can help you to prepare for the interview and best of all, they know and understand the company, their culture and the project they are hiring for.

A referral from a recruitment agency is also the best way to be shortlisted, as clients respect and trust agencies and are more likely to meet with the people they recommend.

GWG, we are a government approved provider of contracting across NSW. For more information on engineering contractor roles and how GWG can help you find the perfect contract position, contact Senior Consultant Mitchell Cook by email: or phone: 0402 772 072.

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