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An appreciated and motivated team make the best employees, which in turn makes for a productive, effective and happy workplace. The experts at GWG have worked with hundreds of employers and employees, learning just what it takes to create motivated teams and a great company culture.

We examine some simple ways you can get the best from your team by showing them that they are truly appreciated.

The most-effective rewards cost little or no money at all.

In fact, a simple thank you, delivered sincerely, is the number one form of recognition. Employees value being told they are doing a great job and getting honest and timely feedback on their work. Receiving a simple ‘thank you’ from a manager is always appreciated after a job well done. A gift such as movie tickets or lunch vouchers are also a great, cost-effective way to thank staff after a particularly busy or stressful period. Check out Alissa’s blog on Motivational perks your staff actually value for more ideas.

Remember that every employee is unique.

Treat each member of the team as an individual and give feedback, thanks and recognition that fits them personally. As the clever people over at confirm, the one-size-fits-all approach often makes employees feel you see them as bringing nothing special to their job or to the organisation and your customers. If you have a team member who is keen to upskill, why not send them on a course? We are built different, so make sure you have an individual approach to everyone in your team. That means spending time with each person and understanding their motivators.

Create a positive working environment.

Leaders need to create the culture and conditions that tap into each individual’s personal motivation. David Smith writing for The Mission Daily at Medium says, “building strong culture takes time and commitment, but is arguably the most important aspect of your workplace. If you want to recruit, hire and retain top talent, they’ll most likely be looking at what everyday life inside your company is like and what you stand for.” You may have heard this before, but this can be as simple as walking in the door everyday with a smile and always sharing your love and vision for the team.

Recognise achievements and high performances.

Take the team out, organise lunch, morning tea or a free coffee day. Treat them and give them an opportunity to discuss different topics of interest such as how you can assist career progression within your team and company. It’s hard to retain our best talent, so you always need to make sure you recognise the great work being done.

Take an interest in their life.

John Hall, writing for explains how important it is to get the partner and family on side when it comes to creating that happy workplace culture. He says, “work is a lot easier when you have support at home, so I want my employee’s partner to know I appreciate him or her as well.” Get to know partners and family members at work functions or ‘family days’ with a sausage sizzle and jumping castle or entertainment for the kids. A great way to meet and treat the whole family and show them that you care and appreciate the support they give.

Don’t just reward the stars.

Be widespread in recognising staff at every level for exceeding their particular skill sets to send a positive message that supports the overall company culture. A personal email of thanks won’t take you much time at all, but it will likely thrill the recipient, especially if they are at the lower end of the company’s hierarchy.

If you need more information on creating a positive company culture by showing your employees you appreciate them, call or email Alissa Bower, GWG’s Business Support, Human Resources and Customer Service Recruitment on: 0411 043 537

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