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5 Reasons I Love my Job!

I’ve worked as a specialist Recruiter for many years and recently joined the team at GWG. Since then I’ve taken some time to reflect recently on the reasons I love my job.
Being a Recruiter isn’t for the faint-hearted!

There are the many reasons I love my job as a Recruiter and why couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  Here are my top 5:

1.  I talk to so many people

Being a Recruiter means I get to meet so many interesting people. The people I meet have so many ideas, they’re passionate about what they do and they really challenge themselves. It’s an exciting environment to be in!

I love being a part of the process that sees them set and achieve their goals whether it’s their dream job, a step up in their career or a new connection that may have not happened before meeting me.

2.  I help others

Knowing that I have made a difference to someone else’s life is so fulfilling.

When I meet a new candidate and I’m able to see something in them that they haven’t yet seen in themselves; their potential or a new skill. That’s just as rewarding for me as it is for them.

We spend so much of our lives at work and if I can make a positive difference in someone else’s career, it makes me happy too!

3.  Connecting awesome people…to other awesome people!

You know when you meet a new friend and you know instantly you’re going to love getting to know them because they remind you of another great friend you have?

Recruitment is the same for me.

Every day I’ll meet a new candidate or client and after just one conversation I’ll often know of another great person to introduce them too. It could be someone else working in their space, a connection who can offer them some advice or even their dream future employer!

4.  Sharing my expertise

I’ve been recruiting in the digital, IT, marketing and communications space for some time and I’m in a great position to share my knowledge of the industry and the recruitment market.

My candidates and clients really trust me to offer them the best, unbiased advice. I speak openly and honestly about areas I think they might need to improve on, such as working on their resume or perfecting their interviewing technique.

I want them to have as much knowledge as possible to make the right decisions for their career and I want them to present themselves in the best possible way to everyone they meet.

Sharing my own knowledge and seeing it have a real impact on the lives of my clients and candidates is brilliant.

5.  I’ve found my purpose

A combination of all of the above means that through helping other people get their dream job or make steps towards finding their chosen career means that I’ve found mine too.

The sense of positivity, excitement, un-ending challenges and the people I meet make my job as a Recruiter so fulfilling to me.

In turn, the more I challenge myself to keep learning and to keep meeting and connecting great people makes what I achieve in my own career grow even more.

These are just 5 reasons I love my job but there are many more! Do you love your job?

What do you love about it? Or what would you change?

Let’s talk! 

About Charmaine:

Charmaine joined GWG Partners as the specialist in digital, IT, marketing and communications recruitment across Newcastle and Sydney.

Known as the energizer bunny in the office, she is one of the most effective recruiters around – filling positions quicker than most. She brings her strong corporate background to the role, having worked in marketing positions prior to moving to recruitment, so is in a unique position to spot great talent.

Charmaine is genuinely interested in hearing people’s stories and helping them to succeed. We think if she wasn’t a recruiter she would probably be co-hosting Ellen.

Speak with Charmaine about marketing, digital and IT recruitment.

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