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The number one question that candidates will ask me when I shortlist them for an interview is “What is the organisation culture like?”. It’s a great question and cultural fit is becoming more important to be prepared with a considered response.

Why? Well because over 70% of job seekers value organisation culture over remuneration.

The term ‘cultural fit’ is simply this: does a potential new employee have the same values, behaviours and beliefs as those that exist within your organisation?

During the interview process, you can often pick up when the applicant displays some of these traits. You want to find the right person for the job and for the team. Someone who will fit in.

Here are my tips to assess if a candidate is a good cultural fit for your business:

How to assess Cultural Fit:

1.  Know your company’s values

The interviewer, as a leader in the organisation, needs to live and breathe the company values. Example: If RESPECT is a company value, make sure you demonstrate respect during the interview. Don’t keep the candidate waiting, thank them, speak about clients and colleagues in a respectful manner.  As the interviewer, you set the tone from the start and show the candidate what they are measuring up to.

2.  Ask the right questions

Ask the kind of questions that reflect those company values and give the candidate opportunities to display their potential fit. For example:

Describe your preferred work environment?

What would your ideal role look like?

What management style do you best respond to?

What are your career goals?

3.  Avoid the wrong questions

There are some questions you should not be asking a prospective employee. For example:

Are you single?

Do you drink?

Are you religious?

Do you have children / planning a family?

Where do you live?

How old are you?

4.  Look for clues outside of the interview

Did the candidate’s cover letter give any clues as to how they match up to your company’s culture? How did they treat the Receptionist when they arrived for the interview? If they followed up after the interview, how did they do it? Does their social media profile match your initial impression? Often candidates are on their ‘best behaviour’ when they think people are watching. Or nerves can get in the way of them being their true self. So, assess their entire application, not just the interview itself.

5.  Ask the experts

We know our client’s businesses, values, personalities, industry and challenges. When we’re recruiting for you, we are screening and selecting candidates that will survive and thrive in your business.

When asked, we will always give you our honest opinion.

In our experience, our instinct combined with thorough behavioural interviewing will get the best result.

How do you assess if a candidate is the right cultural fit for your business?

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