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Finding the perfect candidate for a role can often be a challenge. Add to that a niche discipline or sector and it’s a different ball game altogether, especially in today’s changing job market. There are many reasons to use a recruiter to ensure you find the right candidate for your role.

Here are 5 reasons to use a Recruiter:

1.  Knowing the best people

The only people that apply for your job are the ones that are looking at that point in time. A good recruiter will meet talented professionals all year round, both those who are actively looking and those who aren’t. This means we have top people waiting in the wings, right when you need them.

2.  Knowing your industry

Many years of recruiting within your sector, interviewing hundreds, perhaps thousands of candidates means a good recruiter will get to know your industry well. They will also know the competitive landscape – the companies winning the work and which projects are starting or wrapping up. Importantly they will know which talent is hard to find, what you need to pay them and how to attract the best people.

3.  Working hard for you

Managing a recruitment process that is going to find the fight fit for your company and your team isn’t easy. It’s a difficult, time consuming job that most people don’t enjoy – but a good recruiter does. They will take the time to understand your business, the culture, the people and clients. They will act as an ambassador for your business and your employee value proposition to attract and match the best talent.

4.  A Candidates focus

This is where most recruiters go wrong. A good recruiter will know that to be successful they must know the best talent. They will work closely with candidates to explore and map experience, career goals, work preferences, styles and capabilities, so they can identify opportunities, showcase their talent and match them to the right role.

5.  Team Work

The whole recruitment team must be a tight knit group who share knowledge, candidates and clients. A good recruiter will be supported by a good team that can continually extend their knowledge and networks to ensure you get the benefit of a high-performance group.

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