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This week our office is buzzing with excitement as we welcome a new team member to the GWG family – the fabulous and talented Liz Folpp. Liz will be joining us in the role of Senior Consultant, managing digital, development, marketing and communications roles.  

“We are thrilled to welcome Liz on board with GWG. Liz has incredible relationship management experience and really understands the tech, marketing, and digital space,” said Julie Gearie, GWG CEO.  

“We are focused on building genuine and long-lasting relationships. Liz is knowledgeable, sincere and approachable, the perfect fit for the team.”

“With more than 7 years’ recruitment experience and 10 years of relationship management expertise, Liz has a wealth of experience and extensive networks to draw on,” Julie added. 

Speaking with us earlier this week Liz said she is keen to get to work. “I’m looking forward to working in a dynamic team environment with other recruiters.”

“I gravitate towards positions where I can engage and empower people. Recruiting allows me to work with so many incredible companies and talented people,” she said.

“Working with a range of local clients means I get an understanding of many of the most exciting initiatives in our region. Newcastle is such a fabulous place to live and work and I am fortunate to learn about the latest projects, developing industries and new products born out of this region.”

Previously with Hudson, specialising in digital and marketing, Liz has a strong network and keen eye for stand out talent.

“The digital and development space is very dynamic – it’s constantly growing and evolving. But finding the right people is so critical for business success and future growth.”

Despite lockdown, Liz has continued her involvement with the tech community in Newcastle and has an interesting take on emerging trends in the sector.

“Although hiring was significantly affected by the shutdowns, I think we will continue to see strong demand for software developers and designers, marketers and customer and user experience professionals.”

“If anything, the recent pandemic has increased the need for talented technologists as companies expand their online offerings to service clients and enable systems for employees to work remote.”

Liz also commented on the top skill sets within the tech and marketing space.

“Those who can interpret and analyse data to inform decision making and ROI will be particularly well placed.” 

“Candidates need to be life-long learners, expert communications and have the ability to combine scientific and creative skills.”

A merging of the tech, digital, marketing and communications disciplines is also a key observation Liz made.

“The continued focus on digital transformation, customer experience, content creation and analytics mean candidates need to have strong cross functional skills.”

“Communications professionals need to understand analytics and socials platforms, and marketers need to have a deep understanding of communications and messaging – especially as we move through sensitive social, political and environmental issues.”

As well as agency recruitment, Liz has also recruited internally at AP Eagers, a large national automotive group who own more than 100 dealerships across Australia.

As the first ever recruiter within that organisation, she delivered recruitment outcomes for the business, and a sense of purpose for the recruitment function. 

“Essentially I created an end-to-end recruitment function that became integral to the business unit and company,” she says.

Of course, Liz isn’t defined solely by her career. She’s also a mum to two busy and stereotypical princess loving girls, aged four and eighteen months. When not in corporate attire, she’s been known to wear a tiara to the park.

“We spend lots of time doing the usual family activities like going to the park and hosting playdates,” she says. “Since COVID we’ve dragged the bikes out of retirement in the garage and now ride to playgrounds. Hopefully that will last!’

For her own ‘me’ time, Liz wakes up early to squeeze in a work out before the day begins. She’s also passionate about renovation and construction projects and admits to spending an unnecessary amount of time in Bunnings and furniture shops.

And her current Netflix binge?

“My current obsession, which is very embarrassing, is Steel Magnolias,” she says. “It’s actually tragic watching but it warms my heart.


If you need a talented new tech or marketing professional, or your seeking a new role reach out to Liz on 0402 767 365 or email

Lucinda Mansour and Liz Folpp in Darby Street, Cooks Hill

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