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If you are looking for an innovative technology role, you might think you need to relocate to one of Australia’s capital cities. But digitally minded Hunter-based tech-sperts can find plenty of cutting-edge technology jobs right here in Newcastle, they just need to know where to look.

Here is our guide to the region’s coolest tech roles and the forward-thinking companies who offer them…

UI/UX digital designer

Enhancing a customer’s online experience is crucial, and businesses everywhere now realise the importance of creating and maintaining user-friendly digital spaces. UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) designers are highly valued by companies who want their product to look good and be easy to operate.

Australia’s biggest building society, the Newcastle Permanent, are market leaders and a local employer of choice. With a large in-house design and technology team, UI and UX experts should keep an eye out for opportunities at the Permanent’s head office on King Street.

Local start-up success, eCoach, are revolutionising the way businesses deliver digital learning solutions.  Based in the East End of Newcastle, but with staff in major cities around Australia and the US, this fast-growing team of technology innovators are often recruiting for this type of talent.

Augmented reality

Using an augmented reality (AR) device or application is a powerful and highly engaging way of connecting with consumers, as many businesses are realising in 2018.

Retailers, architects, real estate agents, educational facilities and charitable organisations are getting on board with this new technology, and those with the skills to design and develop AR applications are in high demand.

Make contact with Newcastle firm Virtual Perspective, a virtual and augmented reality production studio working with numerous industries on exciting VR and AR projects for future opportunities in the field.

Website and software development

Great web developers are always in demand, as businesses across every industry understand the need for beautiful and creative websites that are also functional and well maintained.

While many smaller companies might have to outsource web development to freelancers or creative agencies, there are many opportunities for job seekers in Newcastle with these truly versatile and future-proof skills.

Software developers with high level coding skills to research, design and create engaging new software are becoming more in demand every year. This tech-savvy job can also include testing and programming of new software programs and applications.

Look to creative agencies, large progressive organisations such as the Newcastle Permanent and nib Health Funds, and organisations that specialise in custom application development such as Pulse Mining

Digital Strategist

Adapting to new technology and understanding how to implement digital strategy across the organisation to improve efficiency and the bottom line, are key skills for a digital strategist.

Hunter Water are a highly respected local employer, who have not traditionally had to operate in the digital space, but are adapting in order to meet the needs of their customers. By looking to the future when it comes to digital strategy, Hunter Water’s need for team members with these strategy and technology skills, will continue to grow.

Business Intelligence Analysist

 Understanding data systems, business processes and analysing data, is hugely important when it comes to making important decisions and understanding how best to grow and move the business forward.

Hunter Valley Coal Chain Coordinator (HVCCC), encompassing all Hunter Valley coal chain producers and service providers, are working to create a world class logistics supply chain. Analysing and understanding data plays an important role in how HVCCC hope to achieve their vision for the future.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers are highly sought after, multi-skilled technicians with skills in coding, software creation and large-scale network development. DevOps engineers look holistically at a company’s tech environment and are crucial to the business when it comes to making data management and cyber security decisions, in order to improve overall efficiency.

Look to some of Newcastle’s biggest employers in the region such as The University of Newcastle, Hunter New England Health, the Newcastle Permanent, Greater Bank or nib Health Funds for opportunities.

For more information on technology jobs like these in the Hunter region, contact Charmaine Piper on 0477014525

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