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The rise of ChatGPT and the need for AI ethics by Aleena O’Neill

Here’s a quick wrap-up for those who missed Aleena O’Neill‘s fascinating and relevant session on The rise of ChatGPT and the need for AI ethics at the /NEW conference last week! Our key takeaways include:

Conversational AI platforms like ChatGPT are potent tools that can help us to

  • Easily explain complex issues
  • Write/debunk code
  • Create content including framework, policy, procedures
  • Write CV’s, and cover letters and even help you prepare for interviews!

But Aleena warned that there are also limitations to ChatGPT and some areas of concern, including:

  • Accuracy and bias of information. These technologies can’t decipher whether the source is truthful or analyse the credibility of the source
  • ChatGPT can only fetch data prior to the year 2021 – meaning the sources are somewhat outdated. However, this will soon be updated in V.4
  • There are challenges with plagiarism and copyright. Although the tool it designed to generate unique and original responses, it may unintentionally produce similar responses to existing content
  • Security – some users are uploading confidential information, sensitive business data and or privacy-protected information
  • Ethical considerations – ChatGPT has the potential to generate fake news or other misleading content that could have severe ramifications
  • Beware of DAN – Do Anything Now. This model can bypass ChatGPT’s safeguards and has been used to generate violent, offensive and controversial responses

A big thanks to Aleena for presenting such a relevant and interesting topic and congratulations on being shortlisted as Data Leader of the Year for the Women in IT Summit and Awards! We are lucky to have you here in Newcastle, sharing your knowledge and leading great teams.

If you are looking to grow your team or seeking a new role in the technology space, reach out to us on 02 4905 0130.

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