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There is no question that the post COVID economy and job outlook will be very different from that of the pre-crisis state. Many economists and treasury predict unemployment will rise between 10-15% over the next few months and many of the hardest hit sectors may take years to recover.   

But there are some real glimmers of hope, as businesses reopen their doors, schools open to students and people get back to work. As reported in our April employment report, we have seen some sectors return almost to full capacity locally, especially within disability, government, aged care, mining, health, finance and accountancy and IT.


As we cautiously move past isolation, you may be wondering what roles will be in-demand and which skills you should you be focusing on to future-proof your career.

To help you out we’ve put together a list of some of the top desirable skills and jobs that are not only trending now but will be highly sort after in the coming years and into the future.


Software Developer

Over the past few months almost every organisation across every sector have rapidly moved services online. From educators to retailers, operating online has become the new normal.

Software Developers are already as rare as toilet paper in a pandemic, and so this new shift has created an even greater demand for developers to assist companies quickly develop new ways to remain connected, sell goods and transition their businesses online.

With a greater emphasis on technology to support everyday living, software development will continue to be a winning profession when it comes to future career options.

Salary $90K-110K


Project Management

As many businesses look towards recovery, Project Managers (PM’s) are likely to be highly sort after, especially on short-term or contract arrangements. Looking to kick-start on-hold projects, pivot operations or harness new business opportunities, companies will look acquire PM’s with agile management skills who can effectively manage risks as well as deliver outcomes efficiently and successfully.  

Salary $110-150K


Disability Support Worker 

As with Software Developers, there is always a demand for Disability Support workers – especially following the rollout of the NDIS. Post COVID-19, there will be even greater need for these workers to ensure people with a disability – who include some our most vulnerable community members – can access appropriate support and the services they need. This role will continue to be in demand and future-proofed with sustained growth in the sector and federal investment in the NDIS.  

Salary $44-66K


Risk and Compliance Manager

Faced with uncertainty and amplified risks – both health and financial – businesses are increasing their capacity within the area of risk management. And with the recent crisis in the forefront of many boards and CEO’s minds, risk mitigation planning is also a key area of increased focus. This will result in higher demand for professionals in this space.  

Salary $100-170K


Business Analyst

Over the past 5-10 years the demand for Business Analysts (BA’s) has been growing. But given the challenges many companies will face in the next few months and years, BA’s will be crucial personnel for many mid-to large organisations as they look to lower overheads and increase efficiencies in what will be a highly competitive and weaker economy.

As companies accelerate digital transformation, automation, and improved customer experiences BA’s will play a key role. Charged with collaborating, modelling and analysing a company’s systems and technologies, workflows, and processes, we predict this role will be in hot demand.     

Salary $90-130K


Business Continuity Manager

A Business Continuity Manager creates plans to deal with major disruptions such as natural disasters, crime, terrorism, human error, and health crises. The aim is to keep the company functioning throughout these challenging times.

Albeit a niche sector, we have already seen strong growth in this profession as companies see the need to create business continuity plans and risk assessments to ensure their company is prepared for future significant global and local events.

Salary $80-130K


Customer Service Representative

COVID-19 saw many companies increase capacity of their customer service and support teams particularly across the government, healthcare and financial sectors.

As other countries have experienced greater challenges with rising COVID cases offshore customer service teams have been impacted. This has seen some organisations increase their local teams in response. The flow on effect of online transactions, physical store and back closures has also increased the demand for this role and we don’t see this changing for a number of years to come.

Salary $55-65K


Support Worker, Aged Care 

As with Disability Support workers, Aged Care workers support our more vulnerable people. During COVID-19, seniors, especially people who are living independently, need added support as they are confined to their homes. It is also likely that seniors will be more reluctant to move into nursing homes following outbreaks in a few of these facilities. This will result in more elderly citizens needing in-home support via Aged Care Support workers. 

Salary $37-40K


Delivery Driver 

Although lockdowns are easing in most parts of the world, many people are still confined to their house, and others have grown more used to online retail and in-home dinning. This will see a sustained need for delivery drivers both now and into the future to deliver food, essential items, and the myriad of online purchases.

Salary $25-30 per hour


Computer Support Specialist

The significant shift to working from home saw an increased demand for Computer Support Specialists as professionals dealt with new collaboration tech, internet connection issues and at-home set up challenges. The change in business systems to deliver better digital experiences for customers has also created an unprecedented need for IT support.

This role, providing remote technical (and sometimes emotional) support throughout isolation has been a key role over the past few months. Engaging customers digitally will remain critical and based on data it is likely that up to 40% of the workforce will continue to work remote, meaning demand on the Helpdesk won’t be quiet for some time.  

Salary $55-75K



Finance and accounting have been less effected than many sectors as part of the lockdowns. As new stimulus packages like Jobkeeper, tax benefits and state and federal grants became available, companies lent on Accountants, both internal and external, to provide the latest advice.

As the lockdowns ease businesses will continue to require strong financial advice to navigate the week economy, potential new opportunities, and future and current stimulus announcements.  

Salary $80-120K


Administration Officer

There has been strong demand locally for Administration Officers as companies look to increase support and communications to their employees, teams and customers.  Often a multifaceted role, working with a range of internal and external stakeholders, admin officers are needed more than ever to provide key support across, admin, customer service, operations, and stakeholder management.

We have especially seen growth in this role across the health care spaces as organisations increase capacity in line with COVIDsafe practices and new processes.

Salary $45-65K


Construction Project Manager

There is no doubt that COVID will have a strong effect on the construction sector. But recent news from both state and federal governments focusing on stimulating the construction sector through a series of grants and fast-tracked infrastructure projects is promising. As a result, we believe this sector and role will remain buoyant and Construction Project Managers will continue to be sort after in the months and years ahead.

Salary $180-250K


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